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Irrigation / Lawn Sprinkler Systems Design

If conserving water isn’t reason enough for you to install and maintain a properly working irrigation system, think of the simplicity it adds to your life and the value it adds to your lawn or property:

  • Are you standing in your yard watching your above-ground sprinkler?
  • Are you watering the house? The fence? The big rock in the front yard?
  • Do you keep an eye on the clock and interrupt what you’re doing every 8 minutes to move the above-ground sprinkler?

The benefits of an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system:

  • It’s on an automatic timer. You don’t have to be home to turn it on.
  • Our professional water audit will determine your zones and the proper watering required for each zone so you’re not wasting water.
  • A professionally-designed sprinkler system will reduce runoff, keeping your water and seeding where it should be.
  • Most systems come with a rain sensor so it won’t turn on when it’s raining.

Contact Lawn Patrol Service today to discuss how we can save you time while providing a much lower-maintenance lawn.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Design planning
  • Installation
  • Service and repair
  • Additional zone installation
  • System seasonal start up
  • Winterization services
  • Retrofitting with more efficient heads, rotors, nozzles and timer
  • Drip irrigation maintenance
  • Emergency response

Will you benefit from a more direct watering application for your garden and trees? Ask us about drip irrigation!